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I was captivated by Ida Haendel and her distinctive, passionate tone from the first moment. The personal encounter with her enriched my life in a special way.



»My highest praise goes to our Creator,

the Author of all creativity and inspiration.«

Philipp Manuel Augustin


»I find great joy in Philipp Augustin's young violin. It is an extraordinary instrument with tremendous potential for development. I eagerly await the forthcoming decades, cherishing the harmonious companionship with this exquisite violin.«


Photo: © Bartek Barczvk / Deutsche Grammophon

»I am fortunate to have known Philip's violins from the very beginning, and I am impressed by the unique personality that each of his instruments possesses. I fell in love with my violin instantly - its sound, its possibilities. For me, the real work begins - the search for our shared sound. Throughout this journey, Philipp is always patient and incredibly helpful, which continues to bring me joy with his violin to this day.«

Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in E minor - Julia Fischer /Vladimir Jurowski /London Philharmonic
Caprice 24 Paganini - Julia Fischer
Julia Fischer and National Orchestra of France by
Til Schweiger, Julia Fischer und Timo Wopp bei Frank Elstner in "Menschen der Woche"
Talk mit der Geigenvirtuosin Julia Fischer | Typisch deutsch
Vivaldi Der Frühling - Julia Fischer und das Puchheimer Jugendkammerorchester
Vivaldi Der Sommer - Julia Fischer und das Puchheimer Jugendkammerorchester
Vivaldi Der Herbst - Julia Fischer und das Puchheimer Jugendkammerorchester

»My Philipp Augustin violin is a remarkable instrument. It boasts a brilliant and powerful tone, balanced across all registers. I feel very fortunate to own this violin, and I enjoy playing on it.«


»For numerous years, I exclusively played on my Lorenzo Guadagnini until one day, I had the chance to hold Philipp Augustin's violin in my hands. It was evident right away that this, and no other violin, was meant to be. Not only does it sound phenomenally, but it also possesses a visually captivating allure like no other.«


»My viola by Philipp Augustin is truly something extraordinary: inspiring in all registers, full of warmth, rich with colors and shades. Furthermore, its generous sound, so clear and radiant, makes it a true universe for me. It is this versatility that adds a new dimension to my voice as a soloist and chamber musician.«