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Augustin Atelier Workshop

Workshop Augustin

Harmony of Art and Craftsmanship

Our second generation workshop is situated in Staufen, an idyllic town south of Freiburg. Since 1985 the instruments of the highest artistic caliber have been crafted here.

The workshop provides a space where something new and captivating can emerge each day. Through images, engaging encounters, or recordings of artists, we continually discover fresh inspiration, embarking on a journey to explore the richness and beauty of the Italian sound.

Philipp_Augustin_Geigenbau 111.jpg

»Only a violin which inspires can express a musician’s true personality.«

Philipp Manuel Augustin


From earliest childhood, I was fascinated by music, craftsmanship, and especially the violin. At the age of four, I began taking lessons and achieved early success in "Jugend Musiziert". At eight years old, I built my first violin in my father's workshop.


Years later, I attended the violin-making school in Mittenwald and then spent a year working with Peter Westermann in Zurich. During this time, I gained insights into the world of sound adjustment and the restoration of old master instruments, further developing my skills in instrument building.

My father's wish to be part of a humanitarian project in Kyrgyzstan led me to fully dedicate myself to the family business. In 2012, I finally took over the atelier and focused beside sound restorations on crafting new instruments.

Already in that year, the talented violinist Julia Fischer acquired one of my first violins, opus 14. Shortly after, the American violinist Augustin Hadelich followed. The demands of solo performances and comparisons in large concert halls helped to shape my own vision of how a violin should sound.

Inspired by my visits to Ida Haendel in Miami, the idea of an ideal sound continued to evolve. In 2016, Anne-Sophie Mutter acquired one of my violins, and her Stradivari further refined my understanding of violin sound.

The allure of the "Il Cremonese" Stradivari, which I made into one of my most frequently used models based on my own measurements in Cremona, remains unbroken to this day.

In 2023, I crafted another instrument for the virtuoso violinist Augustin Hadelich, inspired by the impressive "Leduc," likely the last violin by Guarneri del Gesù. With exceptional care, I shaped it to match the tonal and technical characteristics of this original.

Geigenbau Augustin September 2010 - (c) Lukas Augustin 2.jpg

»I can only marvel at how Philipp approaches an instrument with such sensitivity and intuition, following his ideal sound and creating something new. It fills me with joy that our family business is being carried into the next generation by him, and in his young years, he has already elevated 'our art' to a higher level.«

Andreas Augustin

Andreas Augustin attended the Geigenbauschule in Mittenwald from 1975 to 1985 and gained extensive experience in renowned workshops with Vladimir Pilar (Hradec Kralové), Helmut Müller (Leonberg), and Francesco Bisolotti (Cremona). In 1979, he was awarded the Gold Medal at the prestigious Geigenbauwettbewerb der Triennale Internazionale Cremona, becoming the youngest participant to receive this recognition. After completing his master's examination in Stuttgart in 1985, he founded his workshop in Staufen im Breisgau. Since 2012, Andreas Augustin has been living and working in an international aid project in Kyrgyzstan.

Geigenbau Augustin September 2010 - (c) Lukas Augustin 3.jpg

Friederike Augustin

Since autumn 2018, we have had the special privilege of having Friederike take over the office work of our family business. Alongside a Master of Science, she also has a Pedagogical Education.

We greatly appreciate her diligent, clear, and caring manner of providing accounting support to the company. Her dedication is truly commendable and her approach is filled with warmth.


Gonzalo Piarette

Gonzalo worked with me for three years, and I am delighted to see him carry on the passion for this craft. Since 2020, he has been running his own business and crafting his own instruments, which, in my opinion, bear a unique and unmistakable mark of his style. Nonetheless, they share a resemblance in both sound and appearance to my violins.


Stefan Becker

Stefan worked with us for almost ten years and opened his own workshop in Staufen in 2015. We share a close friendship, and I greatly value his conscientious work. For customers in need of bow repair, instrument repairs, or maintenance, I usually refer them to Stefan.

Jan Nevoigt

Since our training in Mittenwald, a passionate interest in violin making has connected us. The fascinating world of violin playing inspired us to pursue the unique sound of old Italian masters, leading us to the renowned workshop of Peter Westermann in Zurich after our training.

During this time, our horizons expanded tremendously as we realized that each component of the instrument plays a crucial role in shaping its sound. The possibilities of sound adjustments, previously limited to the soundpost and bridge, now opened up to us in diverse ways.

Over the years, a common language to describe sound and sound concepts has evolved, and I rely on Jan's sense of hearing and assessments like no one else.

Jan works independently in Mittenwald, Northern Germany, and Berlin.

I have the privilege of getting to know almost every one of his instruments, and I admire the uncompromising way he approaches each violin. His pursuit of perfection and quality is impressive and is reflected in each of his works.


Besides his work as a violin maker, Jan is actively engaged in numerous project orchestras and regularly assists me in the maintenance and adjustment of my instruments.

The Project in Kyrgyzstan

The Project in Kyrgyzstan in collaboration with the international aid organization CDI, Andreas Augustin is establishing a training center in a village near Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Here, he provides young people with vocational prospects. The curriculum of the training program aims to establish self-reliant, independent family businesses. In addition to artistic woodworking, teenagers learn how to address ecological issues sustainably. They receive instruction in Technical Drawing, Mathematics, English, and acquire basic computer skills.

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