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New construction and restoration since 1985

Due to high demand, the waiting time for my instruments is several years.

The process of an order is done through a personal conversation or meeting,
where you have the opportunity to describe your sound idea and preferences.

We are also happy to connect you with musicians from your area to try an Augustin instrument or you can visit us yourself.


A spot on the waiting list requires a deposit of 10% of the sale price.


Please use the provided contact form if you are interested in acquiring one of my instruments.

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"Do you have an idea of how it should sound?"

A Testimonial from Peter Wöpke.

Solo Cellist, Bavarian State Orchestra

For me, it was more of an excursion, to Freiburg and the beautiful Breisgau, with little promise, as for thirty years, I searched all over Europe in vain for a new build cello for myself. Countless ones I tried, the diagnosis and disappointment always the same; too rigid, too inflexible, an unpleasant and uninspiring timbre, too quiet, too shrill, too...

It was meant to replace a beloved, not unproblematic Grancino with Italian sweetness, which once filled the Munich Opera, but unfortunately, I had to return it.

"Do you have an idea of how you want it to sound?", Mr. Augustin asked me when I placed the order. And I recommended to him the new Viennese film "Four Strings", where a cello with a wonderful sound plays a leading role.

As I said, I had little hope. How can one predefine the sound color?! Whether it was the choice of wood, or the model used, or the differentiated wood thickness on the body, or everything together and much more - remains his secret, but he actually managed to hit the desired tone.

Besides, it is beautiful and without the "quirks" one has to contend with when dealing with old Italians. It responds well, the fifths are in tune, and it has a room-filling sound. My colleagues are enthusiastic about the large, extraordinarily pleasant, warm sound - and my desire to play returns.

So, if someone orders an instrument from Philipp Augustin and can define how they want it to sound, they will get what they are looking for (but must plan for some time)!


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We are excited to hear from you and look forward to your visit by appointment.

Augustin Geigenbau

Dorfstr. 35,

79219 Staufen im Breisgau 

Telefon: +49 (0) 7633 - 8 14 11

Telefax: +49 (0) 7633 - 80 29 19

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